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            Forward Thinking, Mind Body and Spirit is a metaphysical shop located in the heart of Newark, Ohio, where you can find items and services to help bring balance, peace and harmony to your life. 


         My name is Brandy Jeffers and I have been blessed with many spiritual encounters throughout my life. As an adult I have developed my ability to communicate with spirit in the form of Psychic Mediumship. I have a passion for helping others who feel stuck or lost on their journey. Through Psychic Mediumship I have helped bring closure to those who have been unable to find it elsewhere and to help guide others who just needed to know what direction to head.


         I also have a passion for paranormal investigating. Whether investigating large famous locations or going to an individual’s home for a clearing, the spirits communicate with me. I have been investigating for over 12 years, have investigated in 6 states and have appeared on a popular ghost hunting television show.


         I was lead by spirit to open Forward Thinking to share my knowledge and to help others on their journey in this life time. Feel free to leave comments and let me how I am doing, what I can be doing differently or improve on, and if there are specific items you would like for the shop to carry or classes to offer.


Thanks for stopping by and have a Blessed Day,


Brandy Jeffers



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